Want to move to Paris?

At the end of August 2015 we got the go-ahead to move to Paris. By the end of October 2015 we were in our new apartment, in a new city, in a new country with two kids about to start a new school.

If you are thinking of, or planning a move to Paris with your family I have put together some resources I found helpful.


Your school will probably one of the deciding factors as to where to live. There are a number of options for schools in Paris.

International Schools in Paris

Bilingual Schools in Paris

Public schools in Paris

French education system

AAWE is an American women’s organization, it publishes A Guide to Education in France.

Finding an apartment

Paris is a great city to live in. The city centre is split into twenty arrondissements, and each is unique. Outside Paris are a number of suburban towns, the western suburbs tend to be favoured by the English speaking expat community.

Seloger is a good website to search for your apartment. You can filter by area, and by the number of rooms or bedrooms.  Apartments can also be found on Le Bon Coin (French equivalent of eBay) and FUSAC an online magazine aimed at the English speaking community.

Learning the language

If you don’t speak much or any French is worth learning the language. Making an effort with a few words of French goes a long way.

There are a number of apps and websites that can help with learning the language including Babbel and Duolingo.

Comme une Fracais is a really fun website to help you learn French.

There are a number of conversation groups in Paris to help you put into practice what you have been learning.

Making friends

The English speaking expat community is really welcoming. You’ll be able to tap into a number of English speaking events, groups and activities from bootcamps to book clubs.

Message Paris an English speaking mum’s forum

Meet Up – book clubs, running meet ups, yoga, pilates, French conversation classes, bootcamp – they are all here and in English.

Meeting people in Paris

WICE – An English-speaking organisation providing learning and volunteer opportunities through art, cultural and language programs & social activities

Paris for children

American Library

10 great things to do with kids in Paris

Mama loves Paris


Paris blogs I like

David Lebovitz

Expatriate Parents in Paris

HIP Paris

Mama loves Paris

Good Coffee in Paris

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