Want a stress free Christmas?

Want a stress free Christmas?

Move to Paris.

Because Christmas in Paris is a more laid back affair. Back in London our tree would have been up at the start of December. The Ocado delivery slot would have been booked weeks ago, and I would be adding orders every day via the app, the Christmas bird would be on order awaiting collection and Amazon would be making daily drops.

When we left London at the end of October, Halloween was yet to come, but the trick or treat candy was already jockeying for position with the Christmas treats.

Over here there is no equivalent of the tear jerking John Lewis advert, which I confess I have not seen. Have I missed out?

There is no real black Friday, cyber Saturday and the Christmas countdown has almost passed me by. Some how Vente Flash doesn’t quite do it.

Cookies for Santa

But I have managed to bake Santa’s cookies ready in anticipation of his arrival. And thanks to Nigella and her edible Christmas tree decorations recipe, this is the start of a new tradition.

Tracking Santa

The kids have received Santa messages via the Portable North Pole console – we have another year of believing!

I love this app – a personal video message from Santa has been priceless. It’s made our kids feel they haven’t been forgotten now they are in Paris away from family and friends. Super Girl has watched hers at least four times – convinced her personal elf is watching her every move.

Tomorrow we’ll get the Santa Tracker installed to chart his progress across the globe. This year I am using the NPCC Santa Tracker, which only costs 1€ to download and is available for Android and Apple.

What I do like about Christmas in Paris is the lack of panic, the lack of consumerism and the lack of sense of doom – if I haven’t got everything sorted by the 25th the world will stop turning. Oh and being able to escape the constant pressure to buy, buy, buy.

With just under two days to go I am starting to get that Christmas tingly feeling. I hope you are feeling it too.

Merry Christmas,

Tooting Mama xoxo

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