About Tooting Mama


This is me, Tooting Mama

I am Ranji, the creator and writer of the food blog, Tooting Mama. I spend my time cooking, photographing, eating and then writing about food – in particular, Sri Lankan and South Indian food. It’s the food I grew up with, the food I love to cook and eat and it’s the food I want to share with you.

I am not ashamed to say I love all types of food. Let’s face it food is joyous, food is fun, food is good for your soul.

I had the sheer joy of living in Paris for two years, and yes I ate. A lot. Living in Paris is where I really got the cooking and blogging bug and it’s where I decided I wanted to write about food.

Life before food blogging

I originally started Tooting Mama to chart the realities of life with my adopted children Wonder Boy and Super Girl. They are the inspiration for my writing and help raise awareness of the needs of adopted children whose lives have been affected by neglect, trauma and abuse.

And I blog about lifestyle too

I also write lifestyle pieces to inspire, enlighten and educate.

I write about getting older, about having the menopause (yikes!), how running is literally my Prozac, learning to love my not so perfect body and really appreciating that self-care is about self-investment.

And when I am not blogging I juggle children, my career, a cycling-mad husband, and of course the dog.


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