Love Sri Lankan food? But don’t how to make it? Now you can, with my live zoom cooking classes

Love Sri Lankan food? But don’t how to make it? Now you can, with my live zoom cooking classes

Want to learn to make Sri Lankan food from scratch?

I will teach you how to make Sri Lankan food, through my live zoom cooking classes. The kind of food my mother made for me, the food I make for my family. No ready-made sauces, and no shortcuts. We cook from scratch.Z

Together we’ll create authentic, home-cooked Sri Lankan meals live, on zoom.

As you cook in the comfort of your kitchen, I’ll be cooking in mine. Together we’ll chop, slice, dice and cook to create Sri Lankan food. After the class is over, you can sit down and eat with your family or friends.

Don’t worry if you’re not a great cook. I’ll be there, right in front of you, supporting and guiding you and answering any questions you might have.

What do you make in a Sri Lankan zoom cooking class?

In our live zoom cooking classes, we make a number of Sri Lankan recipes. I’ve chosen family recipes that we eat at home. All the recipes I’ve chosen are easy to make are a great introduction to family cooking. My zoom cooking classes will show you how to:

  • Making authentic home-style Sri Lankan cooking
  • Layer flavours.
  • Use whole spices both fresh and dried
  • Make curries from scratch without any shortcuts
  • Discover the joy of Asian grocery stores (there’s nothing to be scared of!)

What do you get out from Sri Lankan zoom cooking classes?

  • Each class lasts from 90 – 120 minutes
  • Each class has a maximum of 10 students. This is so I can focus on you and your cooking
  • You will make an authentic Sri Lankan main and side dish
  • You will be provided with a grocery and equipment list and any pre-class prep once you have booked your class
  • After the class I will send you the recipe cards
  • Teaching is at a pace that’s comfortable for you
  • I can provide suggestions to adapt recipes
  • Alternative suggestions can be provided for harder to find ingredients
  • You can read my full zoom cooking classes FAQs here

Sri Lankan online cooking classes starting in Spring 2022

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