Let the adventure begin. Parent blogger to food blogger, Tooting Mama is changing

Let the adventure begin. Parent blogger to food blogger, Tooting Mama is changing

After much heart-searching, I have decided it’s time to change the direction of Tooting Mama. I am moving from being a parent blogger to food blogger. And I hope you will continue to stay with me.

Why have you decided to stop writing about adoption & parenting?

As I said, I made this decision after a lot of heart-searching.

My children are getting older, they have started to forge their identities, carving out their own lives. I want to respect their privacy.

And you know what? They are bored of being on my blog. They are fed up with posing for pictures. Having to repeat leaps and jumps on cue.

We’re on the cusp of sulky teenage-hood, and let’s face it there’s nothing sadder than being on your mum’s blog!

Why do you want to blog about food?

Because I love food. I really, really love food.

I am a glutton (in a good way), and why not write about something I love and adore as much as my kids but aren’t my kids.

But why write about food?

I get it. It’s easy to eat food, love food, watch a few episodes of Master Chef then think I can write about food.

But I love cooking, I love entertaining I love trying, adapting and creating new recipes (which I then love eating!) and I love sharing that joy with other people.

After my adopted children arrived, cooking became a chore I dreaded.

I churned out meals for the kids to turn their noses up at. And meal-times were (and sometimes still are) a battleground.

But my two years of living in Paris helped me rediscover my love of cooking.

And it’s through cooking I was able to really bond with my adopted children.

Because the children didn’t have school on Wednesdays, we’d set aside a couple of hours to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Together we’ve made cookies, cakes – Victoria Sponge was a hit; puddings – Lemon Meringue pie is our fave, and our showstopper is Chocolate Pavlova.

Our Wednesday cooking sessions has become one of our family traditions, and we still continue to cook together.

At the moment we’re on a journey to make our own sourdough bread.

And it’s the sheer joy that food and cooking gives that I want to share with you.

But I need a little help from you…

For those of you who want to stick with me. I have a small favour to ask.

I’d like to find out, from you, what you would like to read on Tooting Mama.

And to do this I have created a very short survey that I would love you to fill out.

And those of you who no longer want to subscribe to Tooting Mama, I get that and I am sorry to see you leave. But I don’t want to clog up your inbox with stuff you don’t want to read anymore.

And if you are sticking with me and Tooting Mama, please take two minutes to do my survey and share your thoughts with me.

And together let our foodie adventure begin!

Photo credit: Simon Migaj from Pexels

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