Kon Mari: the joy of tidying up….really

Kon Mari: the joy of tidying up….really

I am messy.

I am not very good at ordering my life. And I hate tidying up. I have piles of this and that, here and there. I loose my keys just before having to leave the house; I can never find that ring that goes with that outfit. And where did I put that thing! I can never find that thing when I need it! Now with two kids added to the mix I am up to my eyes in stuff!

Just before Christmas I happened upon this article on my way to work: Tips to joyfully de-clutter your home.

Maria Kondo, tidy freak since the age of five, developed her method: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever

She explains, I am like this because I was never taught to tidy up, that is tidy up properly. That’s true. Every time my mum used to say go tidy your room, this resulted me shoveling what was on the floor to under the bed, shoving stuff in drawers and moving stuff into tidy piles. Pretty much what I do now (at least creating tidy piles of stuff!)

You know, I am going to give this a go; this one-time only method of de-cluttering is simple and promises of life changing consequences. The moment you start, you reset your life!

KonMari method in three easy steps:

  1. Discard everything. Only keep things that spark joy
  1. Don’t de-clutter room by room, de-clutter by category: clothes, books, papers (can’t wait for that – I have my shredder at the ready) then lastly, komono – miscellany or for me, stuff
  1. There’s a place for everything, and that’s where it lives

It seems that everyone is enraptured with the KonMari method, even Tim Hartford, the Financial Times’ Undercover Economist who describes Marie Kondo as an intuitive economist. Her method has been helping to clear the Hartford household of clutter.

Now Marie Kondo espouses that her method of tidying is life changing – I cannot wait!

(First published 11/01/15)

Photo credit, Thekirbster, Frickr

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