5 fantastic reasons to start a bullet journal & focus on what really matters to you

5 fantastic reasons to start a bullet journal & focus on what really matters to you

My middle aged brain needs a bit of help. All that maybe, maybe not menopausal forgetfulness. And I think I might have found a technique that might help. The bullet journal. The techies say it’s the new analogue way of managing your time. I say it’s back to basics with a notebook and pen. If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your life on track, the bullet journal method could for you.

5 fantastic reasons to start a bullet journal & focus on what really matters to you

1. Because the bullet journal is more than a glorified to-do list

It is a to-do list, but a whole lot more than just a to-do list.

It’s a really simple method of managing and making the most of your time.

2. The bullet journal was started by a dude to manage his Attention Deficit Disorder

The bullet journal technique/method was invented by Ryder Carroll.

He developed this method when he was young as a way to cope with Attention Deficit Disorder. Because he needed a way of organising his thoughts in a practical and easy way.

These days I am a total mess of spreadsheets, post-its, scraps of paper and old shopping lists stuffed in my bag!

My big takeaway from Ryder Caroll’s TED Talk is that:

  • We have around 500,000 thoughts each day
  • So we need a way of filtering out what really matters
  • To help us decide what we need to do/act on
  • And more importantly what we can dump!

If you get the chance check out Ryder Carroll’s  TED Talk.

3. And a bullet journal is really easy to start

Nothing fancy. Just an old fashioned paper and pen. But as the #bujo people say you need the right notebook and the right pen.

You know what that means….retail therapy!

I’m a sucker for nice stationery! My red Moleskin notebook is my #bujo journal of choice.

4. Your bullet journal will help you focus on what really matters

  • It’s going to help me focus on what is really important and what needs to be done
  • It will help me ditch the irrelevant stuff
  • As Ryder Carroll says if it is not vital and it doesn’t matter then dump it
  • It’s going to help me decide where to focus energy

5. And with your bullet journal, you can get really creative

When I was researching the bullet journal technique, I discovered  Amanda Rach Lee. I just love the way she combines artistry and calligraphy to make the most amazing bullet journals. She also listens to her followers and will create a bullet journal these around their requests.

Take a look at Amanda’s You Tube channel, I assure you it is mesmerising.

This is how my bullet journal is helping me

I am using my bullet journal to help me get everything done over the next three months, focusing down month my month, then week by week and finally day by day.

With our move back to the UK my head is in a spin. Bullet journaling is helping get through the every day whilst managing the big job of moving the family back to London.

And you know, what it has cleared my head. Given me time to think.

Some people do bullet journal for particular themes: half marathon running schedules (that will be me soon), meal plans, blog schedules and even household chores.

Just take a look at fellow blogger, Deborah, from Country Heart and Home this is amazing! It just makes me want to run around the apartment with the hoover!

  • Do you keep a bullet journal?
  • What do you use yours for? Drop me a line in the comments

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