About Tooting Mama

About Tooting Mama

About me

Hi, I am Ranji, founder of this blog.

As well as a blogger I’m a food photographer, recipe developer and cooking class host. 

My food jam is  Sri Lankan and South Indian food, it reflects my culture and my heritage and I want to share it with the world, and you.

I was never formally taught to cook. My learning took place in the kitchen watching my mother as she’d grind spices for her homemade curry powders. She’d glide through the kitchen making her curries. I would marvel at the magic she created in the kitchen. 

My domain was in the corner of the kitchen perched on a stool taking in the smells of the spices as she ground them in her pestle and mortar and I’d quietly take mental notes of how she made her curries.

Now my parents are older, frailer they don’t cook. If I don’t cook these recipes and this food culture will be lost. 

I’m in possession of my parents’ cookbooks using these as references to recreate the joyous food memories of my childhood and new recipes too. 

I want to share recipes that work, that taste good, recipes you can make in your kitchen. 

I believe food unites people it connects people with a common love for food.

My other passion is food photography. Once I started writing my food blog, I knew I would need stunning images to accompany my recipe. And there started my passion for photography.

I now combine these passions by developing recipes and food photography for brands.

You can check out my portfolio and  Instagram to see what I do.

Please contact me at heymama@tootingmama.com and let’s talk about how we can make beautiful food together.