7 Super Sri Lankan vegan recipes for Veganuary 2019

7 Super Sri Lankan vegan recipes for Veganuary 2019

Are you planning to become a vegan this year? If you are then you will be one of the record numbers of people who have signed up to Veganuary and have pledged to solely eat a plant-based diet for January. To date 250,000 people from across 193 countries have taken the month-long pledge to try veganism. If 2019 is your year to go vegan then I have seven Sri Lankan vegan recipes to help you on your way.

Some of these recipes may have a very typical Sri Lankan ingredient, Maldive fish. Essentially is dried, cured tuna added to give an additional umami flavour. For a vegan alternative, you could replace the Maldive fish with this vegan ‘fish’ sauce.

1. Super tasty, super healthy aubergine curry


This is a super tasty super healthy Sri Lankan aubergine curry. The trick is to roast the aubergine before cooking with onion, garlic ginger, spices and fresh tomatoes to help minimise the oil content and reduce the calories.

2. Spice up your beets with this super Sri Lankan beetroot curry

Sri Lankan beetroot recipe

My recipe for this Sri Lankan beetroot curry uses fresh beetroot which is roasted for extra sweetness before it’s gently fried in spices and coconut and finished off with a generous squeeze of lime.

3. Let the courgettes take centre stage

Sri Lankan recipe for stir fried courgettes

Ditch the courgetti and try this Sri Lankan recipe for a courgette curry and let the humble courgette be the star of your plate!

4. Green beans made gorgeous with a spicy coconut sauce

Sri Lankan recipe for green bean curry and spiced coconut curry

This Sri Lankan green bean curry is quick and easy to make. It’s the spicy coconut sauce that tranforms the green beans into sheer deliciousness on your plate.

5. Superfood kale gets a Sri Lankan makeover

If you are bored with kale in your soups, smoothies and sauces then try this Sri Lankan recipe for kale mallung. Sliced and diced kale, fried with onions, garlic, chilli, a handful of spices and coconut. Simply divine.

6. Roasted Brussel sprouts jazzed up with Sri Lankan spices


Christmas might be over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating Brussel sprouts. Try this recipe for crisp roasted Brussel sprouts with just a dash of Sri Lankan spices, a perfect Sri Lankan vegan recipe.

7. And finally, the not so humble dhal


One of my absolute favourite comfort foods. This is a family recipe for dhal and one that I make often for my brood. Nothing makes me happier than a bowl of this, rice and a dash of lime pickle.

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