What’s on my 2018 New Year’s resolutions wish list?

What’s on my 2018 New Year’s resolutions wish list?

I’ve created a 2018 New Year’s resolutions wish list. It’s a loosely held list of wishes to remind myself that this year is going to be about me. Looking after adopted children is hard, I have two little people who are living through the effects of neglect, trauma and abuse. And it’s starting to hit home that if I don’t look after myself, I can’t look after them.

I admit I am bad at sticking to resolutions. I tend to undermine, subvert and sabotage them. But this year’s resolutions or wishes are more of a commitment to myself. So here’s what’s on my New Year’s resolutions wish list for 2018.

My New Year’s resolution wish list for 2018

1. I want to be more mindful

To find a little space in my mind where I can get away from the stresses of a chaotic life, breathe and take time for a little bit of contemplation and reflection. Even if it’s only five minutes, it’s five minutes for me. Being a little bit more mindful is right up their on my New Year’s resolutions wishlist

2. I want to read more

Reading more, that’s next up on the New Year’s resolutions wish list.

Often I sometimes manage five minutes at bedtime before I doze off and my kindle crashes to the floor. This year, I want the luxury of being able to read really good, thought-provoking writing. That’s where my subscription to the New Yorker will come in handy (thanks, King of the Mountains – great listening to all those hints!)

3. I need time for self-care, self-indulgence

As a mother, adoptive mother, I always think about the kids, they are always first and foremost on my mind. And those kids they take up a lot of headspace. When I’m not thinking about them, I am worried about them, letting maternal guilt get the better of me. I want to be more assured, I am doing my best, I am good enough, and I can afford a little time and space to be directed at me.

So if I want to stop off and have a really great cup of coffee, book that massage, buy that nail polish in glittery lime-green. It’s all OK and I am giving myself permission to do it!

4. Move it, move it. I need to move it!

Moving more has to be on the New Year’s resolutions wish list because I am in an exercise slump.

Now I am back at work I am spending most of my days stuck behind a computer, furiously typing, rushing from meeting to meeting, grabbing lunch when and where I can, keeping an eye on the clock to race back in time to pick up Super Girl from the after-school club.

Then I am whacked – I don’t want to move, I can’t move. But I have to move, it’s good to move.  And I have a half marathon in a few weeks! Better get that running mojo back, and quick!

5. Sleep, I need more of it

Sleep it’s the next big thing!

Arianna Huffington has been spearheading the sleep revolution. She advocates creating transition habits to sleep – you know, getting into PJs, taking a nice bath, no tech in the bedroom, only reading real books that are nothing to do with work.

I love sleeping, but at the moment, I just don’t get a good night’s sleep. Maybe it’s because I am a little perimenopausal or just a little bit too stressed. I need to try and get better quality sleep. I’m going to try making my bedroom a sleep sanctuary of sorts. Better get some smelly candles then!

6. Damn it, I need to eat better

That crazy work life is leading to a crazy eating life. I need to get a grip of this. I started out so well, taking in good nutritious lunches to work, with dates and raw nuts to snack on. But old habits are hard to shift. The caffeine intake is rising, as are the trips to Pret for a Swedish meatball wrap (I’m not thinking about the calories in that one!)

I have to get back into my meal planning, and dust off the slow cooker and get about making a few of the family faves!

7. And maybe if I am just a little better organised, I’ll achieve the above.

Got to stop flying my the seat of my pants and be better organised and who knows maybe I’ll just achieve all of the above!

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