10 awesome toys for children who can’t stop fidgeting

10 awesome toys for children who can’t stop fidgeting

Is your child a fidget? Do their fidgety digits never ever stop moving? Is your child a constant wriggler, nibbler, fiddler? Do they get in trouble at school because they just can’t sit still? My adopted children are fidgets. Their constant fidgeting is how they deal with their underlying anxiety caused by their early life experiences of neglect and trauma. But other children may need to fidget as a result of autism, ADHD, anxiety. For us, during times of stress, the fidgeting gets worse. But we have started to discover that there are a number of toys that can help the fidgeting, and help keep kids calm, focused and out of trouble!

And there are benefits to being a fidget

Science that says there are many benefits to being a fidget.

  • An article in the New York times notes a study in Child Neuropsychology showed that children with ADHD were better able to concentrate if they were allowed to fidget
  • The Atlantic points to the  Journal of At Risk Issues which notes that when sixth-grade students (UK year 7) were given a stress ball to play with during class the students showed improvements in attitude, attention, writing abilities and pupil interaction
  • An article that appeared in IFL Science says fidgeting could even save your life. According to a new study movement involved in fidgeting can counteract the adverse effects of long-term sitting

Hey it’s great to be a fidget

Check out the Fidget Widget blog by engineers Dr Michael Karlesky and Dr Katherine Ibister. They are exploring why people fidget, the connection between the hand and brain, and how our thoughts, feelings and our physical body are connected.

Their project is exploring this connection and the need we have to fiddle while we work and process our thoughts.

10 awesome toys for children (and grown-ups) who can’t stop fidgeting

1. The Fidget Cube


The Fidget Cube is kick starter funded toy for grown-ups and children who need to fidget. I’ve ordered two for my children who can’t stop fidgeting. This little cube is fitted with six fidgety, flicky slidey bits in the form a button to press, a joystick to glide, a switch to flick, a ball to roll. It’s small and fits snugly in the palm of the hand. Perfect for sneaking into class, and fidgeting in secret.

2. The Original Rubick’s Cube

Boy sitting with a Rubick's cube

Did you know there are 43 trillion ways to scramble the Original Rubik’s cube?

We bought this 80s throw-back for our kids last year, and it whiled away time on boring metro journeys and a long train journey to the south of France as the kids’ furiously tried to solve the cube.  The Original Rubik’s cube has kept busy hands and minds occupied, and the rule was no cheating with YouTube!

3. Snake Magic

The snake toy

A friend of mine got Wonder Boy this for Christmas, and it’s been in his hands ever since. He just loves to click and clack it about.

Another great 80s toy making a comeback into our house. Coolzon® Snake Magic is made up of 24 wedges that are connected, twisted into a variety of shapes. The perfect distraction for children who can’t stop fidgeting.

4. Slap Watch

Pylones Slap Watch

This is another good one for fiddly fingers. The Slap Satch sits comfortably on the wrist, and children who need to fidget can slap and snap the band round their wrist.

5. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty


Wonder Boy carries a tin of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in his pocket where ever he goes. If I see him getting fidgety or anxious he reaches for his putty and pulls, stretches, squeezes and squishes it until he is calm.

Our putty changes colour as it warms up in fidgety hands. There is a whole range of amazing putties from magnetic, hyper colours, glow in the dark, even liquid glass putty.

6. Scoubidou Strings

Scoobie doos

Rember Scoubidous? Were you into the Scoubidou craze? This is the newest craze in our house. Scoubidou Strings are a knotting craft that first made its appearance in the 1950s in France.

The kids have been making keyrings with Scoubidou Strings, and this keeps both children entertained and occupied as they master the Scoubidou stitches. A range of brilliant projects can be found on YouTube.

7. French Knitting

French Knitting Doll

I walked past a haberdashery shop in Paris and spotted lovely French knitting dolls. I bought two and tried it out on the kids and it was a big hit. The repetitive motion of looping the wool over the pins, and slowly and surely a chord is knitted into bracelets, necklaces, and a dog collar but Lucius wasn’t to keen on that.

8.  WaxiDoodles

WaxiDoodles are fantastic, the wax warms up in the child’s hand and can then be moulded and melded into all sorts of shapes. There’s something very comfortingly therapeutic about squishing wax strings. I’ve put an order in for another batch of WaxiDoodles.

9. Noah Fidget

Noah Fidget Fidgetland

Now I haven’t tried this, but I think this is something Wonder Boy will love. The Noah Fidget is produced by Fidgetland and designed by Jason Burns who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. He’s used his fidgeting expertise to create his own fidget toy. Brilliant!

Made up of a series of rings and keys Jason has created functional, fluid moving fidget toy. I can really see the Noah Fidget fitting comfortably in Wonder Boy’s hand, and fidgeting without anyone knowing. Perfect for when he goes to secondary school.

10. Tangle Creations

I want this for Super Girl, I can see her having great fun great fun clicking and twisting these into all sorts of shapes. Tangle Creations are based on motion, therapeutic and calming for the soul. Yes, that’s what I need for Super Girl!

This post has affiliate links, which means could I receive a bit of money if you make a purchase using the above links.

I want you to know that I only affiliate link to products I use, love and adore. Any money made will probably go towards my chocolate and red wine habit! 

Photo credit Cubmundo courtesy of Flickr

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    • Tooting Mama
      December 26, 2017 / 12:53 pm

      I know, it’s hard living with a fidgeter. We’ve just started using those slap bracelets – seems to be working!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 28, 2017 / 2:25 pm

      Thank you very much

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  2. Laura @ Dot Makes 4
    March 17, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    My son fidgets all the time!! I love the look of all these, but I have to say the fidget cube is my favourite!

    Laura @ Dot Makes 4 recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift GuideMy Profile

    • Tooting Mama
      March 17, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      We’re loving the fidget cube too!

  3. March 16, 2017 / 9:44 pm

    Oh my gosh, I’ve genuinely never heard of half of these. What a fab selection. I gotta pin this one and come back to it. #KCACOLS

    • Tooting Mama
      March 17, 2017 / 11:03 am

      It was after researching for this post did I find so many fab toys- it’s great that there is so much out there for our little fidgets!

  4. March 14, 2017 / 11:29 pm

    Brilliant list of ideas! I’ve been considering getting one of the fidget cubes for a few weeks now, it looks really good. My son has a lot of energy, and can get fidgety, I think some of these could be really good for him. x #KCACOLS

    • Tooting Mama
      March 16, 2017 / 1:25 pm

      Super! We’re getting the fidget cube and the Noah fidget thing. Can’t wait to get them in the hands of my two fidgeters!

  5. March 14, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Both me and my daughter are fidgets. I am terrible I always need to be doing something with my hands. These toys look great my daughter loves things like the tangle creations. That would keep her amused for a long time.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday
    Tracey Bowden recently posted…Taking GOPO to Help with Back PainMy Profile

    • Tooting Mama
      March 15, 2017 / 9:23 am

      Thank you! We are getting the Fidget Cube and the Noah Fidget toy, happy fiddling!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 14, 2017 / 7:52 pm

      He he! They look like a lot of fun!

  6. March 13, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    These are great. My two never sit still! The french knitting brings back memories for me, I used to do that for hours on end 🙂

    • Tooting Mama
      March 14, 2017 / 7:53 pm

      My two loved the French knitting, they were absorbed for hours!

  7. March 13, 2017 / 10:24 pm

    Brilliant list. I used to love the Rubix Cube. These could keep a fidget entertained for ages . #marvmondays

    • Tooting Mama
      March 14, 2017 / 7:54 pm

      That is just what I need – keeping my two little fidgets occupied and out of trouble!

  8. March 13, 2017 / 8:48 pm

    Saw the Fidget Cube in action at work. It’s brilliant. Smaller than I thought, but great. Like the way it can go in a pocket, so people don’t know it’s there. Not sure the Rubic Cube would be any good for me, I get too frustrated by it!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 13, 2017 / 9:01 pm

      I know that Rubik’s cube really frustrated my kids but it was great – they started to have competitions who could complete a side first. I’m really loving the sound of the Fidget Cube!

  9. Nadine
    March 13, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    I definitely have fidgeters!! I love the look of the Fidget Cube and the Noah fidget! Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS ~Nadine of Makinghermama.com

  10. March 13, 2017 / 10:18 am

    Great list of toys here for fidgets. I bet my son is going to be one. He CANNOT stay still, ever.


    • Tooting Mama
      March 13, 2017 / 8:46 pm

      Well do check them out, our kids who can’t sit still need their busy minds kept busy!

  11. March 12, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Always love a Rubik’s cube, although my kids like to use a cheat sheet to solve it!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 12, 2017 / 9:24 pm

      The Rubik’s Cube is fab, so great to see kids playing with it again!

  12. Laura @ Mama, Eden & Me
    March 12, 2017 / 4:06 pm

    I’ve seen the fidget cube out and about – everyone seems to be getting those at the moment. Some of these look very helpful for small fidgety ones! #KCACOLS

    • Tooting Mama
      March 12, 2017 / 9:25 pm

      OOOOh so everyone’s a fidget – that’s interesting. Kids don’t seem to fidget here in France so we stick out like sore thumbs!

  13. March 12, 2017 / 8:07 am

    I love this!! My son fidgets a lot he can never stay still ? I for one didn’t know most of these things existed!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 12, 2017 / 8:17 am

      Thank you, with my two little fidgters I’ve had to be resourceful!

    • Tooting Mama
      March 12, 2017 / 8:04 am

      I’m loving that Fidget Cube, it’s looks fantastic for fiddly fingers!

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