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7 fantastic Fathers Days gift ideas for cyclists

7 fantastic Fathers Days gift ideas for cyclists Posted on June 9, 201733 Comments

I am on the hunt for Fathers Day gift ideas for cyclists because I am married to a MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra).  The family are just back from Northern Ireland, where my MAMIL, King of the Mountains had ridden in the Grand Fondo. The Grand Fondo is a big cycle ride, organised by the Giro d’Italia (look at me, and my cycling lingo!). For the last three years, it’s taken place in Northern Ireland. With Fathers Day just around the corner, 18 June, I need to start looking for Fathers Day gift ideas for cyclists like our cycling mad Dad!

Fathers Days Gift Ideas For Cyclists

1. Yellow Jersey Silver Cyclists Cufflinks

The Yellow Jersey Silver Cyclist Cufflinks are rather special. Solid silver cyclists with a hand applied gold yellow jersey. The cufflinks come in a presentation box. This is probably the ultimate Fathers Day gift for any Dad who is mad about cycling.

Not On The High Street: Yellow Jersey Silver Cyclist Cufflinks £149

2. Grimpeur T-Shirt From Band Of Climbers



What about a T-shirt to celebrate the King of the Mountains, the king of climbs? That’s what grimpeur means, the cyclist who excel at climbs. This T-shirt by Band Of Climbers is made from 100 per cent cotton.  Something for Dad to relax in when he is back from his cycle.

Band Of Climbers: Grimpeur T-shirt £21.99

3. Wiggins Cycling Tribute Chocolate Bar

How about a slab of the Wiggins Cycling Tribute Chocolate Bar? The Wiggins Cycling Tribute Chocolate Bar is a quirky gift idea.  It can be personalised with a very special message for a very special Dad.

Not On The High Street: Wiggins Cycling Tribute Chocolate Bar £6.50

4. Gift Subscription To Cycling Weekly


Let’s keep this cycling enthusiast Dad up to date with the latest bikes, equipment and cycling attire. He can read up on reviews and races, plan out the next year of cycling with a gift subscription to Cycling Weekly Magazine.

Magazines Direct: Gift Subscription to Cycling Weekly Magazine start from £54.49 for six months

5. Handmade Bicycle Print Leather Journal

I love notebooks and stationery. And I just love this Bicycle Print Leather Journal. The journal has been sourced from America and has an aged, vintage feel. It’s just perfect for jotting down notes, thoughts, travel plans and other cycling inspirations.

Not On The High Street: Bicycle Print Leather Journal £34.50

6. Bruce Doscher Tour De France Prints

When I was researching Fathers Day gift ideas for cyclists and I came across Bruce Doscher’s cycling prints. I think these prints are stunning. They remind me of the art deco travel posters I have seen in Paris’ flea markets. I really think if you want the Fathers Day gift for cyclists, this could be the gift.

Bruce is a New Yorker now living in New Zeland. He has been making these Tour de France posters since 2010. The 2015 posters were made after the Tour de France because he was cycling the route. Wow!

Bruce Doscher Tour de France Cycling posters from £31.20

7. Personalised Repair Kit

Every cyclist hates getting a puncture. How about a Personalised Bike Repair Kit? A gift that is both practical and personal. The kit contains essential tools to get the cyclist back on the road after that dreaded puncture.

Not On The High Street: Personalised Bike Repair Kit £18.95

I hope you like this curated selection of gift ideas.

Just to let you know prices do not include postage and packing. Check each gift idea for these additional costs.

This post contains affiliate links.

Image credits: Bruce Doscher, Ken Kusserow (Flickr), Band of Climbers

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    1. Thank you. It’s amazing how much cycling has grown as a sport. It does make getting gifts a whole lot easier!

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