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7 reasons to tune into the Call Your Girlfriend podcast

7 reasons to tune into the Call Your Girlfriend podcast Posted on January 13, 201739 Comments

As a lover of the spoken word, I have been really getting into podcasts. When I am walking the dog, I pop in my ear buds and catch up on an episode of Call Your Girlfriend, one of my absolute favourite podcasts. It’s billed as the podcast for long-distance besties everywhere, and it’s really like catching up with your BFFs.

1. Loving their laid back style

It’s just a conversation between friends, you, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. When I listen to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast I am part of a really cool, culturally aware, savvy girl-gang catching up on news, politics, and menstruation!.

2. I learned how Melinda Gates got Bill to do the dishes

I tuned into San Fransisco Live episode. Melinda Gates talks about time poverty and the impact this has on women, you know the stuff we do every day, care-giving, home-making, housework and none of this is accounted for when Governments measure their annual Gross Domestic Product, the value of goods and services produced by a country each year. And this work, because that’s what it is, has a value of $12 trillion.

After the evening meal, Bill and the children rush off leaving Melinda to clear away the dishes and sort out the kitchen. I mean seriously she can use of that time to do more great stuff with the Gates Foundation.

Melinda has demanded more equality in the home, no-one gets hooked up to a gadget before the dishes have been cleared away – and this now happens in double quick time. It’s all about the small steps Melinda!

If you need your partner to contribute to more of the housework – it’s for the economy and their contribution toward $12 trillion of global growth!

3. I’m learning a lot about periods

They aren’t afraid to talk about periods and fertility issues. Check out their Period podcast. It’s so fantastic. I have yet to hear or read any other medium be so open, honest and frank about this issue.

  • The Tampon of the future

Ridhi Tariyal, a Havard Engineer, hit on the idea of finding a way for women to monitor their own fertility at home, without extracting blood. Lightbulb moment. Women. Blood. Periods. From there she started to work on a product that could capture the menstrual flow and turn it into medical data. I’m keeping an eye out for NextGen Jane

  • A chocolate spread that kills period pain

Where can I get some? From Whoopi Goldberg, that’s who.

Whoopi has teamed up with Maya Elisabth to make a range of medical marijuana products for women, for periods.  Whoopi and Maya range includes a bath soak, a rub, a chocolate spread and a tincture. I need some of that!

 4. I’m all about JOMO, the joy of missing out

Life on social media is just a curated set piece, it’s not really real. What matters takes place in real life, not through our Instagram account, and the joy is in living the real life, experiencing the here and now. I’ll still peruse my social media accounts, but take much more pleasure in being present that’s what I got out of the Joy of Missing Out episode.

Thanks, ladies, I’m all about the living JOMO now.

5. Body positive body image

I had a hoot listening to Virgie Tovar who is a body positive activist runs a  campaign called Lose Hate Not Weight, her journey from self-loathing to love, and learning to accept herself for who she is.

Seriously, listen to this episode, Virgie is awesome!

6. I am smitten with Smitten Kitchen

Every other week Call Your Girlfriend has a feature called Phone-A-Friend, this episode is with Deb Perleman of the food blog, Smitten Kitchen.

I’m so glad to have discovered this food blogger and learned a few hints and tips as what it takes to be a full-time food blogger. Check out her blog, I’m still salivating.

7. Maybe I could make a podcast too

This is what I really love about Aminatou and Ann and Gina, their behind the scene producer, they are willing to share their expertise on how to create a successful podcast from the equipment you might need, software, editing, timings, choosing topics to talk about.

Thank you, ladies, it’s always a pleasure to listen to you!

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39 thoughts on “7 reasons to tune into the Call Your Girlfriend podcast

  1. Ohhh this sounds really cool! 8 haven’t listened to podcasts in a while, may have to check these out! Thanks for sharing. X #kcacols

    1. You are so welcome! Tell you if you costed out all that ‘unpaid’ work you do – that’s some serious money! The podcast is great – just love it!

  2. Wow, I’ve never really had the concept of podcasting described so well to me before, and I’ve never listened to one before either.

    I am now totally going to check out call your girlfriend out to listen to on my morning dog walks. Thank you!

  3. These sound fabulous. I need to start doing more listening to podcasts. I still haven’t worked out how to use the podcast function on my phone. I need to get my act in gear, clearly! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Part of my old job used to be helping to create business podcasts for HR – but I have to admit to never listening to them myself! Will definitely give this one a go – sounds great!

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