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My all time 7 favourite films about parenting for parents

My all time 7 favourite films about parenting for parents Posted on October 10, 201610 Comments

One of my favourite treats is to sneak off to the cinema, on my own, and catch a good, grown up movie. Recently, I got the afternoon off, and snuck off to see Little Men; a moving film about the decisions grown ups make and the impact these have on children. This film made me think about other films I have seen about parenting.

Before King of the Mountains and I had kids, we’d see films, a lot of films, at least once a week, anything from arthouse to blockbusters. With no kids, a movie was a cheap night out, and when we lived in Peckham, the Peckham Plex was only £1.99 a movie!

Now going to see a film means, either we go separately and see what we want, stump up the cost of a babysitter, or go with the kids and kids’ choice rules.

My all time 7 favourite films about parenting for parents

These are seven films about parenting (in no particular order) that I have really enjoyed (some have left a lump in my throat or a tear in my eye), and have given me some food for thought about parenting:

1. Boyhood

Boyhood is a coming of age film. Filmed between 2002 – 20013. You see the actors age throughout the film. It’s filmed through the eyes of the little boy, Mason J Evans and tracks him from childhood to leaving home for college.  It’s a beautiful film, I had tears in my eyes, when the boy leaves home. That’s it, they’re all grown up, leave home, our job is done.  This makes you want to go home and treasure those moments with your kids.

2. What Maisie Knew

Wow! What a film, I loved it, and at the same time I found it very hard to watch. A film about parenting seen through the eyes of of the daughter Maisie. She watches her estranged parents battle over her, but neither are interested in her, she’s just the trophy to be won in a bitter divorce. It’s has been filmed at a child’s eye level and you get the perception of a kid’s world. All they can see are knees! Oh and Steve Coogan is in this too!

4. Little Men

This is the film I have just seen. It’s about about young teenage friendship and how adults’ problems can get in the way of that, but it’s also about the gentrification of Brooklyn. On a personal level it made me think about our move to Paris and how this has affected our kids friendships back home, which I am trying to maintain. If you get the chance go and see it.

5. The Kids Are All Right

It’s great to see a film that’s not the traditional view of parenthood. This about a married lesbian couple and their two kids, each partner has given birth to a child using the same sperm donor. The younger son wants to track down his sperm donor dad, but he is too young, so he asks for his older sister’s help. It’s a funny and emotional  film. This parenting film makes me think in a few years my kids can track down their birth parents if they want to.

6. Before Midnight

This film is about a couple, in their forties, with twins. He’s a successful author, and she’s at a cross-roads in her life trying to make sense of where they are going. This is part of a trilogy, so start the beginning, Before Sunrise, it’s the only way this film will make sense.

7. While We’re Young


Kind of a parenting film(-ish). This is about a midlife, New York couple, no kids, in a shaky relationship. Their lives are turned up side down when they meet a hipster couple. There are some laugh out loud moments, when you’re too old to be taking a hip hop class (that was me in the Dance Like Beyonce class!). When you don’t have kids and you’re hanging out with your friends with kids and neither of you get each other’s lives (that was me too).  A great film.

What are your favourite films? How did they make you feel? Laugh out loud, or cry? Tell me, I want to know!

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10 thoughts on “My all time 7 favourite films about parenting for parents

  1. These all sound like brilliant films, I really must try to watch some of them. I particularly like the look of ‘The kids are all right’ and ‘While we’re Young’. I think the Hubby may need a little more convincing though…. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

    1. Oh they are great films. The kids are all right is brilliant and so is While we are young – hey save them for a night when he’s out, and treat yourself to a glass of wine and a good movie.

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